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Rewrite the Stars 


With millions of people around the world suffering from trauma and bullying in its many forms, how do we begin the journey of healing?

One method is through creative writing. With personal reflections from the author, enhanced by her professional experience, this ground-breaking and unique book shares examples of how to discover different forms of creative writing and end suffering and feelings of worthlessness. It succinctly describes how we can embark on the journey of creative writing, discover our potential and, at the same time, start living our lives with greater contentment.

Mindset limitations, fear and self-doubt hold many people back from doing creative things with their lives. This book provides inspiration for overcoming these barriers. It will kickstart the reader’s writing process, whether they choose to write journals, songs, poems, short stories, screenplays or novels, or would like to enter writing competitions.

The book concludes with helpful worksheets and guidance on how to practise writing and self-expression, which will profoundly change your life in the most positive way.

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