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  • Piia Nykanen

5 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

1. Get Your Message Out!

We all have something important to say, something we would like people to acknowledge, feel and understand. Writing a book is the best way to detail your message as a package. It is also a great way to engage others and get them into the conversation about your topic.

2. Connections and New Ventures

You will make many connections during your writing process. When I started writing, I met other inspiring writers in my chosen writing spaces; cafes and libraries. I also made connections with writers online in a writer's group and ended up finding my book editor from the same group. I was amazed after how many supportive people I encountered during the process. This varied from new writer friends made through tackling the same writing issues, editors, technical support and engaging with my target audience. Writing a book gives you credibility and has the potential to open doors to other ventures that would have never crossed your mind before. It even gives you an opportunity to create content marketing that can lead to launching a brand new business venture!

3. Therapy

Creative writing as a form of healing works! I wrote a book about a sensitive topic and although the process was stressful and emotional, the end result was positive. All my sad and negative feelings were gone. Honest and raw account of trauma is not only going to help the readers who have suffered a similar fate, but it will also help the writer to overcome the traumatic experience. Getting it all out in the open is an incredibly freeing experience. You are no longer the victim suffering in silence. Even if no one ever reads your book, it will still boost your confidence. You have accomplished something very important. Writing can be an incredible learning experience, there is no other form where you can learn that much about yourself.

4. Legacy

Not only is the writing healing for the writer, but it can leave a lasting legacy about your life. Your experiences, values, opinions, lessons learned and even failures matter. Even if you don't commercially publish your book, your family and friends will cherish your story for years to come.

5. Revenue

Authors rarely become instant millionaires, but any amount of books sold is another stream of income. It may also kick start your creative career whether it will be writing a blog, creating a website or series of books. In the end, it will be a little bit surreal to hold your finished product in your hands, but you may just have turned your dreams into reality!

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